Bleak mid-summer in Sea Palling


I know I’m back tracking but – my summer was spent slaving over a keyboard before allowing us to go away for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately the weeks I was slaving away the sun was shining. When we did pack ourselves off to Norfolk the weather decided to take a turn. We lasted four days.

We went camping in Norfolk, some would say that in itself is foolish, but if you could see the beach you might understand why I find it so appealing. We have visited the tiny site for three years on the trot now, usually during Whit week – we always get battered by the wind – disastrously so this year, whilst trying to celebrate Daughter’s 14th birthday (another story). The site is called Sea Breeze and having been battered yet again, this time in mid August we admit defeat and will NEVER go there again (not in a tent anyway).

I love Norfolk. It is quiet, set firmly in a different decade and fish and chips cost £3.50 a portion. I know Cornwall and Devon and Dorest are lovely but I’m sick of being ripped off for food and drinks. You can still find good food in Norfolk despite the encroaching micro-waves creeping across the country from the south west coast. When you’re trying to feed six people that makes a difference.

The plan had been to rejuvenate before returning to get stuck into writing. I’ve started sending out sample chapters to agents now and if anyone comes back asking for the whole damn thing, I only have 20,000 words to show them.


3 comments so far

  1. Ruth on

    I’ve never been to Norfolk but I have always wanted to go there. It just seems quite a way from Extreme-West-London or rather quite a bit of chopping and changing direction. To get to Cornwall I just have to follow signs that say “To the Westcountry”. I’d better hurry uo, I’ve lived half a century already and hardly been anywhere.

  2. anneholloway on

    Never been to Norfolk? Darling you haven’t lived!

  3. sebastianszostkiewicz on

    yea, Norfolk is a nice place to live 🙂

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