My dirty secret

The novel. My novel. My first novel. I practice mentioning ‘my novel’ to people. Those close to me know what I’m up to and understand. They love me you see and understand. Actually they don’t always understand but they love me and support me in my madness anyway.

Writers I think fall into many categories – some in opposition. There are those confident enough to throw their head back and announce I am a writer. I am not in that category. If anyone ever mentioned whilst introducing  me, that I was a writer, I would die of embarrassment. I have never been paid to write anything (oh not strictly true, but you know what I mean). I’ve been a scribbler that’s all.

But now the time has come for me to look strangers in the eye (do I mean eyes?) and say, ‘yes, I’m a writer.’

‘Have I had anything published? No, but I am a writer. I write you see.’

Finally I realise why I have been drifting around wondering why I never felt quite right – I was a writer all along. Not a school girl or a student or a barmaid or a snooker club manager or a shoe shop manager or an actor or a waitress or a telesales person or a fringe theatre box office lady or a cleaning lady or a cook or a transcription manager or a kitchen maid or a bar girl or a holiday rep or an English teacher or an art shop manager or a wife.

Yes I have a day job. Yes I have a bunch of kids. But I’m a writer. Enough, I’ve made my point I think. All I have to do now is keep at it. A bit in the morning, a bit during the day, sneak a bit in during work, lunchtime maybe and the bulk of it last thing at night when I can bark ‘BED’ scattering the kids from the general area and clear my own space at the computer in the corner of what we like to call ‘the study’.


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  1. craftypeople on

    What! No picture today? We want pictures. They don’t have to be hugely relevant. Something along the lines of “a scene from the play” the photo taken by the reporter from the local rag when he interviews an amdram group and arranges actors on the stage. Then you go and see the play and you NEVER see that “scene”.

  2. Anne on

    I know, I know! But time’s the thing – I need to get my pictures sorted really – give me a break will you, I’m new at this.

  3. Harriet on

    Hello Anne — I enjoy Ruth’s blog, when she remembers to write it — I see she has been pretty good in the last few days, probably to set you a good example. So nice to see you are up and running. I know someone else who is writing a first novel and writes a blog about it — you might want to take a look:

  4. anneholloway on

    Thankyou so much for reading the blog – quite exciting – like serving my first customer! I’ll certainly take a look at your friend’s – great name for it – I’m wondering if I should be a bit more creative with mine.

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