Why do I rely on my car?

Well, I do. Yesterday started well with son2 setting off for school in his brand new uniform. He was happy to go and I promised I wouldn’t be late to pick him up.

Got home intending to crack on with the domestic chores but was interrupted by 2 visits from friends one of whom hasn’t seen our allotment. Any excuse to leave dishes behind – we jumped into my car and drove up there, had a wander around, cup of coffee, then thought I’d better fetch son 2 from school. However my car immobilizer decided it wanted to stay that way – immobilized. I have an old car, nobody would really want to steal it so I don’t quite know why I need an immobilizer – but I have one and it works really well.

I called Al and she raced to fetch son 2 for me. We then tried everything we could, to work out how to switch the bloody thing off so that I could drive home. That failed so I gave in and called Green Flag. They came in an hour, but couldn’t get the truck through the gate because it has a height restriction bar on the top, like you get at rubbish tips. My key wouldn’t fit because the council have just put a new padlock on the bar. I called the emergency number and the lady said she didn’t know who had a key, ‘sorry.’ She didn’t seem to know how the firebrigade would get in if they had to either.

So I called Charlie (got the number from my sister Clare – are you still with this?) – he is the Cahirman of the Allotment Committee, what Charlie doesn’t know about the allotments isn’t worth knowing. He’s a born and bred Nottingham man, ex-miner, 5′ 4″ and strong as an ox. He didn’t have a key, but he gave me the number of the Key Holder. Unfortunately he wasn’t answering his mobile (it was about 5 o’clock by now). Then my sister Clare arrived to see what was going on. She whisked son2 away to feed him and I watched as Green Flag man did everything that Al and I had already done. No good. So, they towed me with a car through the gate and then loaded me up on the big tow truck.

Today has been a long succession of bus journeys to get done all the things I had planned to do – I had to cancel son 2’s MMR jab as I can’t get from school to doctor’s on a bus without going into town and out again which would take forever – we could have walked for an hour I suppose.

So have I done any writing today? No. Have I cleared the laundry pile from the dining table? (Should be called the dumping table since we hardly ever dine at it). No. Am I organised for back to work on Monday? No. Am I going to have to pay £50 to get the bloody immobilizer immobilized?


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  1. Ruth on

    CAR – good trigger word! I’ve arranged to have the car looked over tomorrow by my lovely friendly garage so that it’s ready to drive TLM (The Loom Monkey) up to Durham to start Uni. Must remember to drop it off before I catch the train to work.
    Hope you get the immobiliser immobiled soon so you can become mobilised. What is an immobiliser anyway? Maybe I should be grateful that my car hasn’t got one, as far as I know.

  2. anneholloway on

    I have had the immobilizer immobilized and only fifty quid! Bloody bargain. A very nice man came to the house and sorted it out for me. He held a couple of black plastic boxes aloft, wires dangling – there it is – he cried, jubilant.
    – I reckon you had that in the back of the van all the time – I told him – and just wave it around to make it look like you’ve done something – luckily he was an Immobilizer Immobilzer with a sense of humour and agreed.
    So I am mobilised again now although that also means that any young scally who takes a fancy to my battered old car could just smash in and hot wire it now.
    I’m sure you’ve got one you know – thing is they’re a bit like a good foundation garment – the good ones never show.

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