almost forgot

I almost forgot what I was going to say – sidetracked by reading my first comments. Just like riding a horse I reckon – get straight back on if you get thrown – first rejection letter from an agent today – fast turnaround – I only sent out on 28th August. I am heartened by the fact that she asked for ONE sample chapter and the first at that – how can I possibly dazzle in one meagre chapter? Suppose I better work out how if I am to catch an agent. I posted an artistic shot of the letter for you to share with me – hope you like it.


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  1. Big Sis! on

    >Just like riding a horse I reckon
    ooh! Are you going to regale us with your youthful horsy stories. I remember Middle Sis writing a poem about falling of the pony Mistarva. What sort of a name is that?

    If you succeed in getting Middle Sis to have a blog maybe she will remember her poetic past.

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