Lost Girls


A very determined old school friend has managed to rally enough enthusiasm to arrange a reunion. It is 25 years since we left school, the photo above (taken 1980)shows some of us after our O’ levels (ye olde name for GCSEs) .

A slow trickle of life stories has been coming through.  A lot of the girls seem to have done really well for themselves – the tireless organiser is a vet living in Orkney with her politician husband, there are a few doctors, company directors, a retired horsewoman in Australia, quite a few accountants by the sound of it. I have kept in touch with a few friends over the years but lost touch with a lot too.

One of the  Lost Girls was head girl, Jane-Anne. One of my best memories was the art trip to Florence and Rome in 1981. We had a wild time. Jane-Anne and I were told off in the Uffizzi for laughing and then were followed by one of the guards until we managed to find Mrs Phelps (our teacher) who pretended we were her daughters and shooed him away. I seem to remember we were followed quite a lot in Florence – young men calling after us to try and guess what language we spoke – it got pretty annoying so I turned to one and told him ‘serbo croat’ – which left him standing bewildered and gave us time to disappear around a corner and so escape. Those were brave teachers, taking 20 or so girls aged 17-18 to Itlay of all places.

J-A has had a hectic life – university, met husband, career in London, set up business with husband, went global, had kids, then divorce. And now I discover what she really wants to do is write. How odd that we’ve both gone all round the houses to arrive aged 43 wanting to write. Do you think we could have done it before or do you think we needed to go off and live a little before the penny dropped?

Our school teamed up with a boy’s school a lot of the time (school plays, that kind of thing) and some of the old girls have ended up married to old boys. I can’t wait to see them all again. The older I get the more I realise what a remarkable group we were. Perhaps everybody feels like that about their old school? I just hope I won’t be dissappointed.

The reunion is on October 6th this year, so watch out for the post-reunion post.


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  1. craftypeople on

    Great pic – you can see my rabble, in the 2nd year at http://craftypeople.wordpress.com/2007/03/07/school-colours/

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