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I’ve just returned from a rare night out. It’s been a long while  – it used to be a weekly occurrence but the unexpected arrival of Curly Boy four years ago seems to have put paid to that, along with evening lectures and tutorials for the past two years. Anyway The Lovely Julie and I managed one glass of wine in a local bar, then headed for the Co-op, bought some milk and went back to her house for coffee.

Far more civilised sitting on her couch putting the world to rights than sitting in a crowded bar. I told her about the impending school reunion and how excited I am about it – which lead us on to success.

So what is success? Is it the house, the career, the children? Do I consider family to be a mark of success because I have one and dismiss money because I have none? If I considered financial security a mark of success would I have heeded my mother’s words and chosen a career with a good pension? It’s all well and good to say that J-A (see Lost Girls) and I have ended up in the same position despite our differing paths, but won’t her financial position make it easier for her to concentrate on writing? Whilst I am juggling 0% cards and electricity suppliers, shopping in ALDI and Farm Foods to beat the big supermarkets at their game, she will be calmly writing a best seller. Or, has my ‘disparate’ past as she called it, given me the edge needed to write something from the heart?

The Lovely Julie says that success is contentment and that if for a milli-second you are privileged enough to feel the ‘ahhh’ – that is success. This could be whilst reading the papers in bed, sitting round a clutter-free table for a rare meal where the whole family is in attendance, eating a pie, making a pie..

I would love to know what prompts your rare moments of ‘ahhh’.


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  1. Big Sis on

    In my bag I carry a battered card. I came from work on Valentine’s day to find a card and a bar of chocolate on the kitchen table. The might even have been a bunch of flowers as well but I can’t remember now. The card is one from the National Gallery and is “a detail from The Billet-Doux by Francois Boucher.One 18th century girl is seated in aher glorious pink frock whilst a second girl in blue snuggles up to her, her face upturned towards her with an adoring look.
    It doesn’t matter that this card came from my stash, if I remember rightly from a “reduced to clear” box at the NG itself. What matters is that this was to me from My Little Darling. Inside is written “Dear Mum, Happy Valentine’s DAy! Thank you for being there for me. Let’s snuggle up and watch Desperate Housewives tonight (Got the choc specially!) Love you so much! C x
    I want to be as close to you as the two girls on this card. It’s only a month until Mothers Day, but you deserve more special days. Sorry not everyday is one xxxxx.

    All together now, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Other than that I think it is more visual things that elicit that response from me. There is an avenue of trees in one of the woodland garden in Bushy Park)are they poplars, black poplars? Inthe winter when they are bare they are so beautiful they almost make me cry. I keep meaning to walk there on a crisp sunny winters day to take a photo but maybe the whole point is to see them with my eyes and MY SOUL and not to capture them with a mechanical instrument. They are slim trees with upturned slim arms/branches. Do you know thetress I mean?

  2. anneholloway on

    the tress I love are a group of poplars out on the top road – they have a permanent lean as they have battled with the wind since the day they were planted. How resilient!

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