Bromley House Library


It is surprisingly cold today – the sun is shining but my feet are cold. I can’t imagine sitting for any length of time at the allotment to get any work done – perhaps I will have to rethink my winter plan? Once Laurie has sorted out the old pot belly (stove I mean) I can cuddle up next to it with my lap top – until then I think I shall have to repair to Bromley House Library. If I can’t write there where can I? I treated myself to membership earlier this year and to my shame haven’t set foot inside since -it is a magical old house (built in 1752) filled with books in a series of reading rooms and has a lovely walled garden. For the huge sum of £50 per annum my family and I can visit, help ourselves to tea and coffee, read or write or meet friends, they even let you eat your sandwiches in there. If you ever get an opportnity to attend one of their open days it is well worth a look.

Members include all sorts of people and they even have a children’s section which is like a walk down memory lane. On the top floor is a room which housed the first photographic studio in Nottingham which operated from 1841 until as late as 1955.

Today however I really have to blitz this house.

PS. I found some great pics of Bromley House by a chap called Bob Watt.


4 comments so far

  1. Karen on

    Anne, I’ve just discovered you!!
    Your library looks wonderful – a perfect place to write with, I imagine, few distractions.
    Good luck with the book!

  2. anneholloway on

    So glad you’ve found me! Many thanks for reading and hope to hear from you if anything tempts you to comment.

  3. Barbara on

    Totally astounded! Must have walked past it a gazillion times and never noticed this wonderful place.
    The writing will flow there I’m sure!

  4. anneholloway on

    So Barbara are you a Nottingham lady? Why not check out the dates of open days for the library and take a look? The staff are really friendly and now you just need 2 refs to join (it used to be 2 refs from current members).

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