Grimm not Disney – struggling to get back in the swing

 A picture tomorrow I promise. A busy day with a load of emails about the reunion coming in to distract me at work, 2400 metres of calico delivered at lunchtime, hasty trip to the allotment after work to check on newly housed chicks (16 weeks old now), promise to read Laurie’s lecture on the history of Photography for new job next week thwarted by 78 infections on the computer caused by him opening a dormant email account to check what was in there (AGGHHH!!)

 I have made a conscious effort this week to get back into the swing of writing.

The novel is about a mother and daughter. It’s about a young girl falling for a man in a strange land (because it is a strange land?). It’s about posession and control. I left the mother on the doorstep of the house where she would spend the next two and a half years – the daughter (nearly twenty years on) searching for clues to her past in the dark alleys of the old town. The story is set in Crete and the narrative flips from mother to daughter, the daughter following behind the mother, playing catch up. It is a cautionary tale, a fairytale – Brothers Grimm, not Disney. It is about truth and reality – fantasy and myth. I know so clearly what it is about I find it hard to describe. That’s the problem – how can I sell it when I don’t know how to tell them what ‘it’ is?

I had no idea how difficult it would be to get myself back into the throes of it. I had built up such momentum in order to complete enough to submit as a dissertation. Now somehow I have to launch myself back at it. It seems stilted, sometimes over written. Excuses, excuses, I must just sit and do it. 395 words! A start at least.

And I haven’t read Laurie’s lecture.


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  1. Big Sis on

    So, does that mean there are 395 words that i haven’t rad yet? I’m waiting for an email to plop into my IN box!

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