She’ll be towing a 16 footer when she comes…


Well that was a first! We hired a 16ft trailer at the weekend and I towed it to Coventry where we loaded up Laurie’s dismantled shed (sorry, studio) and towed it back to Nottingham. All went well – towing’s a doddle just don’t ask me to do too much reversing – until we arrived at the allotments.  I got through the gate alright, and even past the chap who had parked a great big van half way up the lane – however, due to the loss of speed getting past his van my poor old car ground to a halt. Laurie tried giving a push which helped but then I ground to a halt again. So we hitched my car to Middles Sis’s Big Blue Van and she-towed-me-towing-trailer. On up to the car park we drove, where I managed a bit of spectacular reversing and drove back down the hill and swept into our small lane and to the door of our allotment.

Sunday we had more removals to do – this time – courtesy of Freecycle – a two storey wendy house – most of which had to go on my roof rack – that was fun – driving through the streets with a huge house strapped to the top of my car.

I think we have enough work on our hands now – well Laurie does – two piles of timber, two sheds to put together. I shall have to hang up my work boots for a week and get back to housewifey stuff like ironing and supermarket shopping, not to mention paid work and , writing more words! The trouble is, shifting sheds and reversing trailers is much more fun than all the other stuff.

I am paying for my weekend of freedom from household chores – those immortal phrases, ‘is there anything to eat?’ and  ‘where’s my blazer,’ can be heard from my two eldest. They spent the weekend at their father’s house. It was his 50th birthday on Saturday – Happy Birthday Ex! Did I buy him a present? Not directly – I didn’t even say, ‘ he never got me anything, even when we were married,’ just thought it – but I did get stuff for the kids as my lovely J was stressing about what to get him. She loves to give a good birthday. It seems even when you’re not married anymore you’re still married somedays.


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  1. Crafty on

    I wondered why there were no postings for a few days. Now I know. Oh I do lead a boring life, don’t I? TLM had a barbecue so that involved quite a bit of garden and house tidying.Apart from that the weekends just disappear into a haze of nothingness.

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