How do you cut pizza?


I use a pizza wheel to cut our pizza here at home, and last night I cut it like this picture. I generally cut all the way across in good old fashioned ‘cake slice’ pieces (is there a geometric name for those?) ‘Oh Wow! Cool!’ said My Lovely J. ‘What is it?’ asked Tall Boy (we used to call him Small Boy, but at 12 years old with size 9 feet and 5’7″ tall it seems a bit daft). ‘It’s PIZZA!’ we snapped.

My friend cuts her pizza with a pair of scissors, in  ‘cake slice’ pieces, but with a pair of scissors? I ask you! It reminds me of my grandmother who insisted that what we were doing with a bit of wool and a crochet hook wasn’t crochet because we weren’t holding the hook right or twisting the yarn round our fingers correctly. We may have been doing it ‘wrong’ but it still came out like crochet after all. Just take a look at what Big Sis does with a crochet hook now – would my grandmother call that crochet?

Anyway, does ‘how you do it’  matter if you do, do it? I was reading Susan Hill’s blog (entry for Sunday Sept 9th) and she told me (well, ‘me’ as a reader of the blog that is) that I didn’t have to write every day to be a writer. OH NO!! I have been religiously bashing away in order to maintain the flow – have I been doing it wrong?

I don’t think it really matters  – pizza is still pizza, crochet is still crochet and I am still writing even if I am doing it my own way. I’m not religiously writing the novel, but I am trying to stretch my brain cells around words and concepts every day. I’m not beating myself up if I don’t manage to write something and I know I won’t cease to write if I leave it a day or so, but I do believe that practice does hone my skills.

I am not ignoring Susan’s advice, that would be crazy, she is a successful author and so supportive of those who wish to make a success of writing for themselves. I’m just cutting the pizza and holding the yarn a different way.


3 comments so far

  1. rexmoond on

    I like to cut myk pizza in one big spiral. This makes it difficult to share, but it reveals my uniqueness.
    there’s something metaphorical here, but I’m not sure what it is.

  2. anneholloway on

    Perhaps if I try that I might be able to free myself from the claustrophobia of my domestic role!

  3. Ruth on

    My children yearn for a pizza cutting wheel but I stick doggedly to my broad-bladed kitchen devil knife. Without the aid of a geometry set I plunge the point in as near to the exact middle as my ageing eyes can judge and pivot the blade down through that first ecstatic incision. More cuts follow with each slice being an individual, thereby catering for all appetites and levels of daintiness. Hungry big boys grab slices approaching a 25% share of the pizza, faddier eaters delicately manoeuvre slivers towards their plate. There are slices to suit all.

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