when I grow up…


My Lovely J brought home a letter from school last night about Year 10 Work Experience. It explained that work experience need not necessarily be vocational, but simply offer a pupil the opportunity of experiencing a work environment for the first time. The topic does, however prompt that question, “What do you want to do when you leave school?”  “I dunno.” Came the reply. And did I know at that age (14)? Can you get a job playing with make up and dressing up? I suppose you can but I had hoped she would do something that might pay the bills in a less precarious fashion than ‘mogelling’ as we like to call it. She has the height, that’s for sure, but she has her mother’s hips too!

I find myself faced with a dilemma – I want to say ‘Do whatever makes you happy.’ ‘Do something fun!’ Then a little voice inside says, ‘get a job with a good pension,’ ‘learn a trade,’ ‘go to university.’

Only a few days ago Big Sis sent me a link to her daughter’s blog (we’re all at it now!) on which she announces to the www that she won’t be going to university as she has no idea what course she wants to do or how she would pay back the fees anyway. Are we supposed to persuade her that going to university to study a subject she’s not sure about is the right thing to do? But what else can she do? Study day time TV at home instead? Get a job in the co-op? I didn’t go to university, I got a string of bizarre jobs which lead me to where I am now. 

That sets me to thinking about that impending school reunion of mine. Who made the right choice, those who took the route towards becoming one of the professional elite (as one of the girls put it) or the likes of me who chose the path less … I was going to say easy? Perhaps it was the easy road after all, it just got a bit bumpy somewhere along the way.

So, I trawl the list of employers offering placements to young hopefuls for a week – solicitors, doctors, designers, undertakers, hotels, shops, colleges, schools, nurseries, even ‘Black Thunder Girls’ at the local radio station. She’s only 14 and already I am worried about what she is going to do for the rest of her life. I did spot the perfect placement for Curly Boy should the system still operate in ten years time – a placement as a trainee tractor driver – now that would be cool!


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  1. Crafty on

    My little darling, cousin to the lovely J, did her work experience at a vet. She absolutely loved it and even assisted in operations. Her eldest brother did his at a lighting and DJ equipment hire business and the other bro split his 2 weeks between working with the gardeners at Hampton Court Palace and a photographic studio. We have several times been to see the holes that G “moved” (can you believe that?) into which pleached limes were placed.

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