Chickens and carrots and Curly Boy’s house

Today we put the playhouse we were gifted via Freecycle back together. We’ve put it on the far allotment which is becoming the ‘kids bit’. Now I’ve seen it rebuilt I can’t believe I ever managed to drive the car with it on top. Curly Boy can’t wait to invite his friends to play in it (although it does need a bit of remedial care, a few missing planks, new roof felt, that kind of thing.)

A new home too for the chickens. We brought the chicks up last weekend and first thing this morning I took the hens to join them. I do hope they’ll be happy up there – but the garden needs to recover from having nine of them scratching around and I intend to put the poor old battery hens (when they arrive) at the house with us so I can keep an eye on them until they are fit enough to be moved in with the rest. It’s going to be strange not having the girls outside the front door rushing towards me in the hope I’ve got some more food for them and I’ll miss tripping over them.

It felt like a winter day, crisp and sunny and Middle Sis proudly dug up some carrots (which were very carrot shaped for home grown), another sign of the change in season – no more courgettes and tomatoes, it’s all spuds and carrots from here on in!


2 comments so far

  1. Ruth on

    Now that’s a novel idea, carrot-shaped carrots! I’m surprised that Sainsnbury’s haven’t thought of that one, it would go with their “grown for flavour”.
    Oh and AAAAHHHHHHHHHH! I loathe the word “gifted”, shame on you! What’s wrong with “given”? You didn;t buy it, it wasn’t sold to you,
    you were GIVEN it P L E E E E A S E!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. anneholloway on

    sorry! Just following the language protocol of those ‘giving’ groups.

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