Bedtime reading..

It’s no good – I’ve had to give up on ‘The Historian’ by Elizabeth Kostova. Laurie recommended it as it had stuff about ‘vrykolakas’ the Cretan vampire, in it. My character Korakas is a bit of a shape shifter (or is he?) so I’ve been reading up on various vampire myths. I just couldn’t get to grips with the fact that we jump straight into vampire stuff without much of a preamble – no setting of the scene, no planting seeds of a story to come. I will go back to it, but Jules gave me a copy of ‘Attonement’ this weekend – so I’ve made a start on that. Unfortunatley I keep seeing Kiera Knightley as I read (and I haven’t seen the film yet) – must try and shift that image as I have a problem with Ms K’s lips and the way they pucker – most disconcerting. It’s very gentle so far, he’s captured the mind set of the young girl brilliantly. But then I came into work this morning to find a package on the desk – it’s from the Friday Project. A FREE copy of ‘GENTS’ by Warwick Collins. Scott Pack (of the project) offered bloggers a free copy to review. Now I’m tempted to start that, but I can’t do that reading more than one book at a time thing – I’m afraid I prefer to be fully immersed before drying off and moving on.

I’ll crack on with IAn McEwan though before I launch into the tale of misdemeanours in a public convenience.


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  1. Ruth on

    Much to my shame I KNOW I have read Atonement, I’ve even seen it sitting on the shelf recently but I can’t remember much about it except someone looking out of a window, someting to do with a fountain/lilypond and maybe someone coming back from shooting. Perhaps I’d better take another look.

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