Atonement all round


Well – I finished it last night. Don’t know if you’ve read it? I never did shift the image of Kiera Knightley, but she is very beautiful and has a fragile strength about her if that is at all possible, so, great casting for Cecilia. It is written with a real sense of ‘past’ – hard to believe it wasn’t written in the 1930s. I found myself irritated with Part One and wanted to throttle Briony (perhaps that’s the whole point?) As I said before he really gets the mindset of a young girl off to a tee. Once we got to Part Two – the war, he had me. I found the passages written in northern France very moving (awful phrase I know, but I literally had tears in my eyes). Likewise Part Three back with Briony seemed very real and the change in her was marked – she still irritated me though (again perhaps this is the point?) The ‘twist’ if you can call it that – was strange and again I was irritated by Briony’s continued ‘writerliness’. After all that she still thinks her writing is more important? I’m with Cecilia and Robbie on this one – I couldn’t forgive – not because she did it in the first place but that she never had the guts to ‘fess-up’ in time. I’m with the ‘what really happened mob’. The other thing that strikes me is that Bloody Briony wrote this, not Ian McEwan – and I want to read him, not some repressed middle class child! Again – I suppose this was the whole point – but I would have liked a little more of him to show through and less of her.

Saturday morning – back to the laundry – except I’m on strike today – and so will only be doing what’s in my laundry basket. Despite repeated ‘requests’ last week the children’s laundry (yes the clean stuff) lies scattered across bedroom floors – so they can b****y well do their own from now on.


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  1. Juliet on

    Ahah! A kindred striking laundress spirit! Of all my children’s irritating habits this is the one which drives me most insane. Having laboured over piles of washing, piles of drying, piles of folding and sorting, piles of ironing, and finally having deposited piles of neatly stacked things ready to put away, just inside individual bedrooms (or outside if room itself impenetrable) . . . only to find it all kicking around with dirty pants, stinky trainers, school books, musical instruments, scratched CDs and apple cores a week later . . .

    When they finally get round to having a blitz on their rooms, all the clean stuff ends up in the laundry bin again in the interests of ‘tidying’.

    Only trouble is, I expect, like me, you will relent eventually, because in the long run it will be simpler if you do it yourself.

    You have my deepest sympathies, anyway.

    Oh, and PS, I landed on your blog because I’m re-reading Atonement myself BEFORE going to see the film!

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