Embarassing parents


So what is embarrassing about your parents? According to Tall Boy the display of this painting in ‘the study’ (the room with the computer) is deeply embarrassing. Bad enough when his friends notice it, but when they ask who it is…  Strangely enough Lovely J is bothered by it too and I thought she was far more liberal than her brother. This topic was brought on by recent laundry wars and my disgust at the state of their bedrooms. ‘Aren’t you embarrassed to let your friends see this?’ (dramatic sweep of arm right and the left, to take in bedroom of boy and bedroom of girl). Apparently not. Semi nudity, painterly though it may be, is however, excruciating.

I try to plumb the depths of memory to find what caused me similar pain in my childhood – ah yes – M&S circa 1977  – ‘Excuse me! Can you measure my daughter for her first bra?’ My mother at what seemed to be the top of her voice, to the assistant. Now that’s embarrassing. I know that Big Sis’s daughter considered the ladies at M&S to be ‘pervs’ at about the same stage of her devlopment as my awful incident, but I’m sure Big Sis handled it with much more tact than our mum ever did, although perhaps not, as I do remember being asked if I would do an M&S trip in her place, on one family visit ‘oop North’.  

Perhaps with age comes the innate ability to embarrass the young – that’s something in its favour then.


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  1. Big Sis on

    Sometimes I think little boys never grow up. When we had our first flat i delighted in all that wall space and put up some life drawings that I had done.
    In a large group of our friends back on the Wilts/Oxon borders one of our male friends almost giggled “she’s got naked drawings of herself on their walls”. Now I’m not sure if it was the nudity that fascinated/appalled him or the fact that he thought the subject was me. So i would say that it is embarassing enough that Tall Boys friends know that you have N A K E D F L E S H on your walls but if they actually know that it is you know who then nothing could be worse!!! What about the waterfall plus naked family painting, is that embarassing as well? Or are naked water babies OK? Is it that prominent singular b**b / t*t that is the cause of all the trouble? ‘Cos we know how excrutiatingly cringeworthy they are, don’t we?

  2. anneholloway on

    The t*t doesn’t help matters – but the ‘weird’ legs have been commmented on as well!

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