Norton Antivirus needed…


Do you know what Graham Norton said on ‘Just A Minute’ (Radio 4 Sunday 30th Sept)?

“Bloggers are people that don’t wash their hair, have no friends and think that someone might want to read what they write.”

Well, so Big Sis tells me – she was listening on Sunday night. Is Mr Norton confusing Bloggers with Saturation-TV-Presenters? STPs are the ones who start off doing one programme, then they do another, then they get a regular slot and then they end up doing the same-old-same-old EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.  Was it Congreve who said ‘Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned!’

I am constantly amazed at what I find out from reading other people’s blogs, not to mention being comforted to discover that other people suffer domestic drudgery and come through it brain in tact. Reading blogs is a bit like chatting to a stranger on a train – okay there may be a few nutters and orange eaters out there, but sometimes what they say is funny/valid/touching/thought provoking/worth repeating.

Today for example I have learned that there is a project called Chance UK which organises volunteer mentors for vulnerable children (aged 5-11yrs). I had a crash lesson in the strategy of the 3 for 2 and BOGOHP offers in the booksellers world. I saw a great photograph of colour ordered book shelves. I also learned about a ‘library without a roof’ where homeless readers can borrow books – but can I find the link now? Perhaps if anyone knows where I read about this they’d let me know!

All in all I think blogging is great and I’m fairly hooked. I just don’t meet so many people nowadays, it seems to be work/home/sleep/ with huge dollops of TV, where I am battered with the wit and wisdom of the likes of Mr Norton. If I do meet interesting/funny/odd people I usually have to rush off to work/home/sleep before I get a good chance to have a proper chat. So long live the blog I say! I do have real fleshed out friends but I also enjoy the company of strangers.

(Good old Big Sis – has since added a comment which shows link to library without a roof – click on comments if you want to read it.)


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  1. Big Sis on

    I’ve worked out your blog trail
    which you reached from

    It’s all very incestuous because shared a link about colour-coding books with a group of online friends. Harriet was one of them and she was inspired to reorder her bookshelf and then blog about it …
    oh dear, I thought I had it all worked out… somewhere from there you ended up on Books Do Furnish A Room and the books without roofs post!

  2. 60goingon16 on

    I’ve just found my way to your blog via one of my favourites – Musings from a Muddy Island.

    What does that Graham Norton know? I make a point of reading the blogs I enjoy as often as possible, as well as writing my own. All the blogs I like are written by women and I am often quite blown away by the exceptional quality of the writing (and photographs and artwork and music etc etc).

    And now I can add your blog to my list! I look forward to many happy returns.

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