Lovely Bones


I noticed today that Alice Sebold has a new book out on 16th October – The Almost Moon. Such cheery topics she writes about! Why then do people urge me to read her? So – armed with a copy of The Lovely Bones I picked up in the local charity shop during the summer, I am off to bed to start to read it. It seems to be one of those books that ‘everybody’ has read and yet when I mentioned it earlier today nobody actually had. I seem to recall Dovegrey Reader mentioning it sometime last month. I’m not too keen on reading gritty stuff, Lucky is a memoir/account of her rape and recovery, Bones about a murder and now Moon about a daughter’s struggle with her mother’s dementia. It’s not that I deny that atrocities occur, or don’t believe they should ever be discussed, but I do find that writing/airing such events can trivialise the impact they have. If Ms Sebold can handle this like Toni Morrison, I’ll be fine, but if it’s a bit of a Dave Pelzer I won’t. I’ll just have to get stuck in and see. Anyone read it?


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  1. Ruth on

    I’ve read it, urged on by My Little DArlingwho in turn had been urged to pick it up by her English teacher. No, it’s not my sort of book, either and I certainly won’t be picking up “Lucky”.

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