Got a space shuttle in your boot?

Now all the students are back it’s been pretty hectic at work. The day flies by and we seem to be on our feet for most of it. Last night as we reached our cars, Al and I (we park a good fifteen minute walk from work) she turned to me and said, ‘Oh by the way I’ve got that space shuttle in my boot.’ We often speak in riddles to each other so I said nothing, but quietly waited as she unlocked the boot of her car, leant in and pulled out a coal scuttle. I seem to recall she offered this to me several months ago (possibly last winter) as she knew we had a multifuel burner at home. Laughing to myself, I drove home, hoping she’d manage to get a bit of peace and quiet that evening and recharge her batteries. At home I flicked the switch on the kettle and started to make a mug of tea. Tea in, water in, milk in, then calmly lifted the kettle and placed it inside the fridge. So who’s over tired now?


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