Chickens in the house…


Here’s one of the new girls making like a bush. This particualr hen spends a lot of time just standing here. Now I know you can’t expect miracles, but I thought that they would have got the hang of it by now. The new hens have learned to walk and stand and eat, they even dust bathe and preen themselves a bit. I was over the moon when after only two days they seemed to have grasped the concept of putting themselves away at night. The first few nights we helped them (lifted them in actually) but slowly they seem to have twigged that inside is the safest place to be at night, they leave it a little late for my liking, but they did seem to be going inside. Each night I count them, peering through the pop-hole or through the nesting box hatch. A couple of nights one of them had managed to find herself a spot outside under one of the trees and I would carefully lift her up and stick her in the hen house instead. Tonight there were only four of them inside and I was forced to tippy toe around the garden in the dark with a torch looking for dark brown hens in the dark brown undergrowth – I found them behind a stack of bricks which are waiting to be built into a new porch for the front of the house (as the old one is in danger of falling down with every slam of the door). I know I have to be patient and keep at it and eventually they will learn the way to behave to keep themselves out of trouble. I do wish the same were true of Tall Boy. Admittedly he is in no danger of being eaten, but I have to say if he continues to misunderstand the every day ways of domestic living he may well be in danger of having his head bitten off. My latest tactic is to let him be. God it’s hard! I shall concentrate on training my chicks and leave the young male to his own devices for a while. Wonder how that’ll pan out?


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