Everything’s coming in twos

Not a good start to the day – the postal strike over my letter box was bursting this morning – and in the pile of letters, two in my own hand writing – you know what that means? Two rejections from agents. Oh well – plenty more to send to and I did start with the big names first. No feedback, just polite negative response.

Then on up to the allotment to check on the birds – and there I discovered that two of the boys are missing. No signs of death or destruction, breaking or entering. One of the cockerels does seem to be more assertive as the days go by, so I wonder if he has seen off two of his rivals. Laurie said just at the weekend that one had managed to get himself up on top of the coop – from where he could make his way onto the roof of the building adjacent I suppose and so make an escape. I had clipped their wings, but today when I looked they have all but grown back again – time for a round-up and mass clipping.

All was not lost – I had arranged to meet an old friend from the MA (she graduated last year) at Bromley House Library. We had a chat, some coffee and biscuits, made to an ancient recipe (the librarian is writing a book on recipes from the 17th and 18th Centuries and is trialing all the recipes on the members – the result is rather like something the kids would cook though I’m afraid!) Later I took Curly Boy to the allotment and we had a good hunt round for the missing boys, without success.

Back home, spag bol and cups of tea, when another MA buddy called to say that she had received an email with her results – distinction. I rushed to the computer to check my emails – I am over the moon because I passed with distinction too -well done us! I felt quite weepy for a moment.

I must say I couldn’t have done it without My Lovely J (unofficial unpaid babysitter) or Zannee(official unpaid babysitter) and all those long suffering readers (you know who you are) or Middle Sis who coughed up for second year fees until the Access to Learning Fund provided a nice contribution and I could pay her back.  Not forgetting Big Sis (and Middle Sis actually) who did a degree late in life and inspired me to do the same.

I would urge anyone to have a crack at it if they fancy it – I managed to get through a degree and an MA whilst working and raising a family (including the untimely birth of Curly Boy in my final year of the degree) and I’m not alone either, many fellow students were in the same boat – it seems to me the more you take on the more you are able to achieve. For me it allowed my brain breathing space from the daily grind and I think it has also showed my daughter what it is possible to achieve at any stage of life. I recently attended a reading of a paper by a lady from the Open University who cites that in single parent families in the UK boys exceed their parent educationally but girls do not – horrendous! Let’s hope that by watching me My Lovely J will be inspired to go as far as her heart takes her.


4 comments so far

  1. Big Sis on

    Well done Baby Sis!!!

  2. squeals on

    Well done Aunty!!!

  3. Juliet on

    Hey – well done you! Congratulations – you deserve to feel a bit weepy . . . and very proud, too!

  4. 60goingon16 on

    Brilliant – well done! I absolutely agree with your comments urging others to do this. I completed my degree with the Open University (English Literature and Art History) as a lone parent with a teenage daughter, while working full-time to support us both. Looking back I’m not sure how I did it but I’m so glad that I did. In later years, I was an especially proud mother, when my daughter received an honours degree in modern languages and then went on to an MBA.

    Now that I’m 60 and have a little more time, I have been thinking that maybe it’s not too late for me to do an MA too.

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