Halloween, tricks, treats and Haribo mix


Lately I have wanted to stick Tall Boy’s face into a dish of something as he and I seem to be going through a bad patch – partly due to the Pit of Insanity (his bedroom), the constant battle of the laundry and partly due to his being oblivious to anything that goes on in the house apart from what’s on the telly or who’s on MSN. All of this is normal I know, I know, but it doesn’t make it right – that’s what I say! Well, anyway – there I was on Wednesday being begged to allow him to go Trick or Treating because ‘everybody else’ was – really?? Well not my son, sorry – I don’t want lanky twelve year olds banging on my door all night, so why inflict it on anybody else? Due to the increasing influence of that other culture,  America on my 4 year old, I was unable to hide the fact that this night was indeed Halloween. (We are having a party tonight – Sunday – at the allotment and I was saving all my energy for that – a Halloween/Bonfire night with a massive fire and ghosts and ghouls and witches.) So – calling for reinforcements in Zannee, we commenced the fun.

First I would push Tall Boy’s face into a pile of flour – that would make me happy and wipe that smirk of his face wouldn’t it? But no, he loved it! Anything for a mouthfull of Haribo. Lovely J can turn any event into a fashion shoot, but does get stuck in all the same – we only had three costume changes, I think. Curly Boy had a great time, since he was able to mix his favourite things – the  spooky and the sweet. Even Zannee joined in – refusing the flour and choosing the water instead. And me? Well I was taking the pictures wasn’t I?


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