I could eat it…


Another embarassing thing about me (according to my children) is that if I see someone wearing something that I like – I tell them. So there I was at work, merrily putting paints and inks in a bag for a young lady who was about to pass over her cash to me, when I noticed, peeking out from beneath her coat, a scarf. Not just any old scarf, but a scarf of colours so jewel like and texture so soft that I just had to compliment her on it! Without me asking, she unbuttoned her coat and unwound it from around her neck to let me see it in all it’s glory. Her friend, she told me, had given it to her as a thankyou, for being a friend I suppose. Her friend has a shop in Bloomsbury where she sells her textiles. Her friend is Margot Selby. I could just eat stuff like this. Take a look at her web site and see for yourself – that’s if you have a few bob spare!


2 comments so far

  1. Big Sis on

    Oh Yum!

  2. Juliet on

    Oh. I was going to say ‘yum’ but someone’s got in before me! I’ll say ‘scrumptious’, then. Thanks for the link – I hadn’t come across her before. Sadly, not enough bobs to spare, right now, however . . .

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