and then there were none

Somebody broke into our allotment on Sunday night (we think) and broke the necks of our ten chickens and our one remaining cockerel. I’m so upset and angry that I can’t tell anybody, so I thought I’d tell you lot. Poor Laurie went up there today to check their water and food to find them strewn about the place. Those poor battery babies had only a brief spell of freedom and the cockerel had only just plucked up the courage to boss the girls around. Mummy hen and her original chicks have been with me for nearly four years.


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  1. uphilldowndale on

    Thats awful, is it possible it was a fox? (sorry it is the first time I’ve looked at your blog, I am probably asking a daft question)

  2. anneholloway on

    sadly no doubt this was done by ‘humans’ without going into too many details – also the gate was open, bolt on hen house door opened and door open, footprints etc. What to tell the children? “Somebody’s taken the chickens” I suppose.

  3. Juliet on

    Oh that is such dreadful news. How awful for you. How on earth could anyone do such a thing??? I’m so desperately sorry and can understand your speechless anger. It’s distressing enough when foxes do this sort of thing, but that’s ‘just nature’ (though often their destructiveness seems wanton rather than driven by hunger). This is shameful and leaves one’s faith in human nature very near the bottom of scale. My sympathies in deciding how and what to tell the children.

  4. flighty on

    My sympathies! I simply cannot understand such a wanton act, and I really do despair of the person(s) who did it.

  5. 60goingon16 on

    Poor birds; so shocking, Anne. Human beings eh? Yes, always hard to find the right words and the right time to explain horrors of this kind to our children but, somehow, we do.

  6. Barbara on

    Simply can’t understand just how low some people can go, how cruel and so pointless, those poor birds. You must feel utterly disgusted.

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