New Appointment

I spent the week before last short listing candidates to replace one of my ladies at work – we are currently four, three of us in our forties and one lady, fifty odd. Last Thursday my boss and I interviewed nine potential candidates and agonised over the right choice. Who has the right product knowledge? Who has the right people skills? Who has the right feel? Of course as an ‘equal opps’ employer you can’t appoint on the ‘feel’ of a person or the fact that you think they might fit best in the team you already have. You can’t rpesume or assume anything, it has to be evidenced. You have to appoint according to the person specification and the job description. It’s to stop me being ageist or sexist or racist or anything, which I have to say I’m not. Sometimes you just know don’t you?

 So we have our new person – and it is a man! How will that work out I wonder? It takes a very special breed to manage to work along with us lot I can tell you – we are controlling, capable, strong, moody, funny and far more able than anyone else! You know what I mean.

I will let you know.


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