windswept and interesting…


Well – found a photo for the book jacket – all I have to do now is get a book to go inside it. Had the letter saying no thankyou for my one-to-one at the Writing Conference on Saturday, so that’s another avenue temporarily closed. Ah well,  back to the grind, done 3,000 words today, not bad going. If I can get this thing finished I think I might be able to write a decent synopsis or outline – that seems to be the hardest part for me. What is Korakas about anyway? Is it about a girl, a mother, a daughter, an island, a man, a beast? Is it about magic or is it about control? All of the above, but so hard to pin it down and make it sound interesting.

The photograph was taken by the other half last year, possibly the year before. In Norfolk on the beach, I think. Might have been Dorset though? Both holidays under canvas where nature and the wind played a great part in proceedings. I found the picture stuffed behind the computer, a real print of a real image printed on real photographic paper from an actual negative – how old fashioned. Not having a scanner, I snapped it on my mobile phone and transferred it here that way – how very modern. I must say I still prefer good old prints to digital – but the quick fix of digital makes this blogging thing more colourful.

Just time to post this before doing the school run. So my day of writng will come to a halt and the afternoon of cooking several meals to placate the disparate tastes of my lot will commence. I swore I’d never do it, but one of them only eats veg, the other won’t eat any veg at all and likes fish, the third will eat some veg, likes meat with gravy, but won’t eat casserole. Added to this the oven has broken, so somewhat limited as to what I can produce. You get the picture, I’m sure.


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  1. Ruth on

    Spooky! In the photo you look like a cross between me (Big Sis) and Middle Sis!

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