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I can’t think of anything more coherent to write at the moment. Work is manic, home is manic, life is manic – now someone is going to tell me what the dictionary definition of manic is and that it is the wrong word to use



  • adjective 1 relating to or affected by mania. 2 showing wild excitement and energy.

  — DERIVATIVES manically adverb.

okay – missuse of the word – but it is busy and irritating and non  stop and wearing and tedious and I am on the verge of applying to the Apprentice or Britain’s Got Talent – anything to bring me a blast of money and a change of life – perhaps that’s not the right phrase either – let’s hope that particular hormonal interlude will stay away for a while – don’t really need any more imbalance right now. Why am I working so hard to pay the gas man?