So there was a summer holiday

Know where this is?

So there we were on holiday and it rained and rained and rained.

“Oh? Where did you go?”

“Not far from Conwy.”

“Well what did you expect?” Comes the reply.


believe it or not it was raining this day too…

17082008211but we caught a lot of crabbies…

and counted them…

the girls braved the sea


18082008217so did Curly Boy

Then when the weather got better…

04092008244we went back to school and back to work

then we worked and worked till Christmas and after Christmas we ran away to the beach for New Year

31122008283and this time although it was cold it didn’t rain

31122008285 we sat round a fire, just long enough to say Happy New Year! Watched somebody else’s    fireworks then ran back inside to get warm.

Wish we were still there…

but we’re not and so I am getting back to work. Work includes writing on here more often – to keep me at it.


3 comments so far

  1. uphilldowndale on

    Happy new year

  2. Ruth on

    Hurrah! The blog is resurrected!!

  3. Anne on

    Happy New Year to you too – loyal blog readers!

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