If the chickens are laying, Spring must be here


February 1st our chickens produced their first egg – we’re not actually sure which one did it – and there is still some confusion over who is a chicken and who is not – we had some Welsummer crosses which we raised from young chicks and we also had 6 birds from Curly Boy’s school. Every year they have an incubator with eggs, to show the children how chickens hatch and grow. Last year they asked us if we would like the chicks once they had served their time in the school – so we inherited 4 brown hens and 2 white cocks. One of those cocks has been donated as a pet to a friend’s grandson and the other as it turns out, is doing very well at what cockerels should do – crowing, seeing to the girls etc. All in all we have 13 birds at the allotment now, we think 8 girls and 5 boys – could be 7 girls and 6 boys – only time will tell. We are supposed to dispatch the boys and eat them, but they are so beautiful we’re not sure we can! Not so very self-sufficient as yet. Today I went up – Wednesday being my writing day, therefore I tend to do anything but writing – just to make sure the water was ice free and see how they are doing and there were two more eggs for me. So that’s 7 since Feb 1st.

So if the chickens are laying after the long dormant Winter months, I think I should start producing too, writing that is – I shall turn my back on the laundry, the dishes, the piles of stuff to go upstairs and the piles of stuff to go downstairs, the piles of stuff to be sorted, or posted, or put away – and I shall write. I won’t even have lunch in front of the telly – which was my old habit on a Wednesday. Trouble with that is that I end up watching Loose Women and they make me shout at them – not conducive to a productive afternoon.


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  1. uphilldowndale on

    Our chucks have not stopped laying all winter.
    You have piles? that’s the advanced class, I just have heaps,dumps and littering 😦

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