Write Way Up for this Performance Poet.

Anne shot

This may look like me telling one of the children off in front of a washing line full of laundry, but in fact it is the only photo I could find at short notice to go on the web site for the poetry thing I’m involved in. I know it isn’t very glamorous, or book jacket kind of thing but I think it does the job quite well – besides I am stuck on page 3 of the ‘artists’page on the web site, but if you Google images of Anne Holloway, up I pop in the first handful – fame at last!

The workshops have been going really well – the performance has been called Write Way Up and is part of the Lyric Lounge, a week long event to celebrate words – we have one more workshop session before a final day of rehearsals and the performance on Wednesday 29th at 7pm. I’m really looking forward to it now- I’d forgotten how much I enjoy live performance.

So if you are anywhere near Leicester and free on that evening please come and support us at the Y Theatre, East St. We are seven completely different poets, mix of ages and influences – I’m the oldest.

I will post the poem here once the event is over and a photograph of the object which inspired the poem.


2 comments so far

  1. craftypeople on

    What a shame it’s in the middle of the week. If it was a Friday or Saturday it would just be a matter of pounding up the M1 to catch your performance.

  2. anneholloway on

    I know – sorry about that – I am hoping they willfilm it so you can at least take a look that way – but it would have been good to have all 3 daughters there for the first performance about our dear old dad (with a bit of poetic licence thrown in obviously!!)

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