So what about Matador?

Well I’ve had another rejection, from another publisher – a quick three liner this time. So I’m thinking about self publishing again. I’ve stumbled across Matador – they say this on thewir website…

“Matador is part of Troubador Publishing Ltd, which has its own commercial publishing programme with respected book lists in several areas. We also undertake publishing work for other publishers like Cambridge University Press, Elsevier and many others (see our client list for information). Troubador is also a member of the Independent Publishers Guild. All of our self-publishing authors thus have the guarantee that their book is in the hands of a professional publishing house. We know how important your manuscript is to you and we won’t let you down because we respect your work.”

They say that they reject 25% of manuscripts submitted, they offer a variety of services , full proof reading, marketing, print on demand, storage of books etc. They offer a tailor made quote to any author who enquires about their services. It looks like it would come in at around £1000.

Now I could have funded ths with the fee from my new job. I had been very excited about being appointed as a Creative Practitioner at a local secondary school, on a project to promote reading for pleasure to year 8 students – alas – CRB check has got in the way and six weeks down the line I am still waiting to start – I’ve just found out that the local council had sat on the paperwork for four weeks and the CRB had only received the application a week ago – so I’m looking at waiting another 3 – 4 weeks! In the meantime we have lost the first half of the term and will now have to cram in the project to a few remaining weeks . On top of this the finance department at the school want to put practitioners on the payroll rather than pay invoices – which has huge implications for tax for me as I am still employed in my PAYE job as well. I suppose nobody said it would be easy.  

Anyone know anything about Matador? Do let me know.


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  1. Ruth on

    This sounds like a much better idea than any other “self publishers” you have mentioned before.

  2. Jeremy Thompson on

    I’m the publisher at Matador, so obviously I know all about what we offer! We don’t do hard sell, so I’m not going to wax lyrical about us. But if you need to talk about your project then you know where we are.

    • anneholloway on

      Many thanks for posting on the blog – once I get some finance in place I will certainly take a proper look – I was very impressed by your web site and the examples it shows.


  3. Christine Coleman on

    Hello Anne
    I landed here via Litlove’s tales from the Reading Room.
    I haven’t got anything to sell, but you might possibly be interested in taking a look at my blog/website – I started it last May in an attempt to sort out where I was going next with my own writing after approx 25 years.
    I was lucky enough to find a publisher for my novel in 2005, but since then it has gone under, leaving me in the wilderness again with my next.
    After shed loads of further rejections and lots of research into ‘Author Services’ companies, I’ve ‘done it myself’.

    Good luck with yours, whichever route you take.

    By the way, have you come across a Nicola Morgan aka ‘crabbit old bat’ on ‘helpineedapublisher’ She seems to be pretty helpful –

    • anneholloway on

      Hello Christine – I thought I recognised your name – I met you at the States of Independence thing in Leicester and had a look at your book then – I’m ex NTU Creative Writing MA too. I only wish you were publishing other people’s books as I was really impressed with the ‘look’ of your book – right paper, right size, right smell even!

      Thanks for the tip about crabbit old bat – I will certainly take a look.


  4. Anne on

    many thanks Christine – I’ll certainly take a look at Crabbit Old Bat – I think I met you at the States of Independance fair in Leicester a few weeks ago – I was really impressed by your book – right size, right paper, right smell!

  5. Martin Bates on

    Hello Anne

    I read your blog with interest. I am a retired accountant and lifelong amateur writer. Upon retirement in 2008, I self published a book my mother wrote on her childhood in the countryside of Leominster, Herefordshire, as I felt it was a cut above the reminiscences and memoirs that had previously circulated within my family. The publication was done in an informal way, without ISBN etc and sold about 400 copies in local bookshops and museums. My mother also sold quite a few at her church. It turned her into something of a celebrity, including a one hour book signing, and in a way gave her a new lease of life in her final years. Quite a bit of the book can be read online.

    At the same time, I embarked on writing my own novel, which had been inside me for decades but suppressed by the need to earn a living. I had the money to employ a professional mentor, who was very strict with me and made me rewrite the book about six times. She was very much part of the creative team, and I am full of admiration for the way she knocked the book into shape.

    I started it in August 2008 and finished in April 2010, supremely confident of the book’s brilliance. I was maybe naive, as when I sent to agents, I just received standard template rejections, with my name handwritten after a typed, “Dear…” and messages such as, “ I receive 300 submissions a week, but only take one or two new writers a year.”

    So, like you, I have in mind starting my own publishing company and making the first book my own. To be honest, I don’t think I will write any more, as it was rather harder work than I had first imagined, what with the way my mentor goaded me to raise my game all the time.

    Anyway Anne, I wonder if you would be willing to swap notes with me? If yes, you obviously have my e-mail address and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards


  6. Anne on

    many thanks Martin – I’ve replied to your email – so hope to swap notes soon

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