After a long absence…

It has been a while I admit. September 2010 in fact. A lot of changes. Writing has taken a back seat as domestic upheavals have come to the fore, but I think  I’m on the home strait now.

Still no joy with the novel and if I’m honest I have been slacking, both with sending out novel no 1 and continuing to write no 2. Poetry has taken over for a while as I have been involved with a group of young people here in Nottingham called Mouthy Poets. A vibrant, busy, committed group of young people aged 15 – 25 who have a mission to promote words and the arts. The group was set up by Deborah Stevenson, who I met 2 years ago during Lyric Lounge Leicester. She asked me to come along and join in with the sessions which are held every Friday night at the Playhouse. Their first performance will be on Saturday February 19th where they will be joined by Inua Ellams as the head line act.

I’m working on a poem to be performed with a dancer. This is proving harder than I thought, as words on the page don’t necessarily work as lyrical accompaniment to movement.


Brand of Love

Having waved goodbye to her family

both her children were taken away

and closing the door on her friends

she lay herself down for him

to walk all over her.

Her slight, pale body

was patterned then

with his mark.

She saw finally

how he showed

his particular brand of love.




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  1. Ruth on

    It’s good to have you back. I’ve missed your blogposts

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