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World Book Night

My Big Sis sent me a link to World Book Night some time ago. I applied to be one of 20,000 ‘givers’ on the night – passionate readers who would be given 48 books to hand out to people on the night of March 5th. From a list of 25 books, I chose Toni Morrison’s Beloved. I had to explain in 100 words why I chose the book and who I would gift it to if I were chosen.

“Beloved scared me witless. I had to keep reading until I got to a bit where I wasn’t afraid any more in a dark quiet house. I felt the pain, guilt and anger of that mother. The language is simple, but lyrical. It is honest, dark, shocking, full of human despair and hope. It is history, people did these things to fellow human beings, forced them to make terrible decisions and live with the consequence. I lived it as I read it and I wasn’t sure I could go through that again. Maybe I should re-read it now.

I would like to give Beloved to young women. The YWCA, young mum’s groups, girls out shopping for a Saturday night outfit. I would talk to them about it, read from it, ask them to give it a chance and see how it affects them. It would be great to have a reading aloud session, maybe in a public place, or in a young mum’s hostel, then give them the opportunity to read it themselves. Beloved empowered me at a time when I was at a low and I’d like to pass that on.”

And… I’ve been selected. Now all I’ve got to do is turn up and give the book away!