I am in that place…

I am in that place between years… I used to work and I will work again… I used to go to bed and sleep, for now, I watch films too late and lie-in till I hear the bin men in the street, then rush to catch them before they leave. I shop, with a thousand million shopping drones and feel like I do in church, waiting for it to make some sense, while those around me seem to get it, I do not. I am going through the motions. I am waiting for my PUK code, my MAC code to release me from the contract with this year, so I can move on to the next. I am sorry 2011, it isn’t you, it’s me… 2012 looks so appealing, I know it’s just flirtation, that once I’m in it the old routines will seem the same, but I have to try, or I will never know. There’s a few slugs in the old carton, but I want to open a new one, fresh and cold. I am in this zone, this place, a matter of days before I can move on.


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