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Nottingham Light Night

There were two worlds colliding this Friday night… those of us wrapped up against the cold, sipping tea handed out in churches lit by projected light, free runners jumping across backlit walls of an underpass, drummers and puppeteers, wandering bands playing troubadour style, candlelit rickshaws, floodlights and tea lights, giant inflated heart bearing love notes, translucent glowing dragonfly crafted by children, lanterns, glow sticks, and all FREE (not the glow sticks)… a wandering event for us to follow, to find and enjoy… lights to jump on, dance to, marvel at… snow still on the ground as if it was part of the plan… my curly boy running and jumping, sliding, catching the light…

and then… that Friday night world of lads in tight T shirts and girls in hooker heels and no coat, wondering what we were all at in their town at night.

The moon was full and round and red, an installation in its own right.


Cold now?


So, it snowed. That didn’t stop us. We walked. More snow to come… we’ll walk. The cleanliness of it and the muffled-ness of it, that’s what I like the most.