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Woods, Words and Dog Do

After a long summer of non stop running around like a headless chicken I find myself launched back into a new term at the day job and starting out in a residency in primary schools. Our remit is to inspire children through different stimuli, to create poems. My first session was all about playing games to stimulate a new poem. I have been working with a class of 30 year 1 and 2 and 34 Year 6. It never ceases to amaze me how creative and imaginative they are. The ideas just tumble out of their heads – and then I remember, the minute you congratulate someone on a good idea, they all follow suit, as if adopting that idea is the only way to gain praise. So how do I help them to realise that their thoughts are as precious as anybody else’s?

Next week we have some museum artefacts to start the session off, then a trip to the woods, then a trip to a gallery. We did a recce of the woods yesterday… very dog-pooey, a bit dank and dull if I’m honest, but never fear I will stimulate them if it kills me! There are always things to find along the way. I had wondered about asking them to collect things, like a kind of treasure hunt, but my mind kept conjuring up a strange scenario: so class, what breed of dog do you think deposited this specimen? Shall we measure the circumference? Who would like to weigh it?