3030 Poetry Challenge -day 26

Prompt: mountain

When I was a little girl…

She was a skinny, little woman in a skimpy red dress.
Hair like a great bush
illuminated by afternoon sun.
She staggered, no, tottered,
half walking, half dancing,
knees bent,
pacing and jumping,
stiletto heels,
stiletto legs,
one hand in the air,
the other clutching a big fat microphone
like her life depended on it.
She rejected all her pain
and radiated life for the living.
We stood up, unable to remain seated
in the presence of such energy,
we were electrified.
And after the encore,
we stamped, we clapped, we cheered,
she returned,
red dress gone,
baggy dungarees
and those staggering heels,
she sang again,
“when I was a little girl I had a rag doll….”


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