3030 Poetry Challenge Day 30

The final day.
Prompt for April 30th: what’s left

What’s Left

The dog peed on the bed.
It’s a protest, I think.
Not enough exercise.
The weather’s been bad.
It’s hard to go out,
when it’s cold,
the rain doesn’t help.

The dog peed on the bed,
so I binned the duvet,
bought a new one.
I sleep easier.
The old one was so heavy,
pinned me down as I slept.

I built a bonfire.
I put on all the other things,
forgotten shoes,
uncollected mail,
a coat he used for gardening.
Stuff he left behind
without a second thought.

I found the watch he bought me,
on the ledge in the bathroom.
No strap.
It doesn’t keep time,
not since I washed it,
in the pocket of my jeans.
I put that in the bin too.

That just about does it.


1 comment so far

  1. catwhistler on

    I love this Anne – after reading it I feel free of a burden I didn’t even know I had!

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