Never throw anything away…

I was clearing my desktop, as in, laptop-desktop. I am an untidy file-er, stuff gets shoved on the desktop all the time. I found this snippet of words. I find it hard to throw stuff away, writing included. I’m not sure when this was written, it could have been last month or a year ago. Recurring themes.

The moon must be up to something tonight, as I leave work my colleague tells me her weariness is tipping into depression, I collect Small Boy, who has had a ‘terrible day,’ the lady who runs After School Club looks like a forgotten balloon two weeks after the birthday party. We drive home as he rants about how stupid people are, I answer by telling him about my day. We get home, The Lovely J has cooked meat&veggie lasagne, but the moon has other ideas. Somehow the evening fizzles and spits and battle ensues… quiet now, we lick our wounds, all together in front of The Great British Bake Off. A back-to-back bonanza of last week’s plus tonight’s. Buns will be our saving.


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