April 3rd – Desperate Atrophy 

I slowed down, 
in immediate response to blue lights
flourescent sign glistening in the rain.
A car flipped on its roof 
panels scraped to silver steel 
(I think it might have been red before) 
as if parked 
but just the wrong way up.
Hi-vis jackets on dark uniforms 
swept debris from Tarmac
steady movements 
methodically cleansing the site 
of shards of glass and shattered plastic, maybe worse.
I thought about speed and rain
I thought about the dog I saw run over 
just a week ago
I thought how we are all dying
one way or another
but I’d rather not like this
and that perhaps 
I should cut them some slack 
those hi-vis wearers, 
I mean there they were clearing up the mess
that someone else had made. 

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