About me

I’ve started this blog as a kind of discipline for me more than anything. So far I have written 30,000 words of a novel and by writing a blog about my progress and the things that occur to stop me or help me I hope to keep the momentum going.

I have children and a dog and we keep chickens and bees. I am not some kind of earth mother. I would far rather clean out a chicken coop than attempt to tidy a boy’s bedroom. I battle with laundry, dishes and providing food for the changing tastes of growing children.

I live in Nottingham and work four days a week – having clung to my day off mid week which I took when I returned from Maternity leave.


(That novel finished now – and working on number 2)


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  1. Jan on

    Hi Anne,
    i belong to the spinning yahoo group that your sister belongs to. She asked us to pop-over and read your blog and so here I am.
    i too am ‘a writer’ and like you not published anything yet oh and we keep chickens too. I never thought of a blog to keep the writing juices flowing! Well done! now I feel inspired to make one! Good luck in the furure and hope your writing gets you to where you want to be! ~Jan

  2. anneholloway on

    Thankyou for taking a look – I do appreciate it. I’m hoping the blogging will spur me on – it was a guest speaker on the MA course who suggested it – Melanie McGrath (Silvertown)- she swears by it (I think it was her) – no, no, no – sorry it was Ros Barber she said she had people asking how far she’d got with her latest project and that was what kept her going somedays.

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  4. Maxine on

    Hi Anne
    I really enjoyed reading this – it’s like a peephole into your life – and beautifully written. I must start one soon.

  5. rationalpsychic on

    Do you keep the bees in the house? Are they trained to use a litter box? What kind of a hive does the dog make?

    Please don’t steal these ideas. I’m liable to try to form a children’s story around them. Cheers from the US to the UK.

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