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These boots were made for football


Another reason for my desire to be published is money. I know it should be about art and suffering and all that – but when you have to get up first thing on a Sunday morning and spend £35 on a pair of these things…

I ask you- would you wear these? If I had to wear football boots – and I have no intention of doing so, but – if I had to wear some I’d want them to resemble the good old fashioned kind of boot – leather with proper studs. This pair was on a shelf marked at £34.99, above them sat a pair which looked to be the same except they had F30 on them (£84.99) and above those another pair with F50 (£119.99). And they say women are fashion victims?

 So, as I crack on with Korakas (working title of that novel of mine) I am conscious it has to sell. Without the direction of a good agent (and so publisher, editor etc) I could find myself drifting off down the river Catharsis.

Those people who have been good enough to read bits of it already have been very helpful, lots of feedback, some positive, some critical – but I do believe that when you read something written by someone you know there is a certain amount of ‘prior knowledge’ which is bound to colour how you read.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive enough to think that if I write a book I’ll suddenly be minted – but bringing in a little bit extra doing something satisfying would be great.