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never were there such devoted..


I’ve had some comments from people other than my big sis! I know they were sent here at her request but all the same it is exciting. I know that sisters are a kind of mixed blessing as you grow up – but I have to say mine weren’t too bad. Big Sis did have a habit of telling spooky stories (to me) and chasing up the beach waving bladderwrack – seaweed that is (at Middle Sis) writing her name in your books and claiming them as her own (although I must admit in recent years she has more than made up for that with a number of surprise parcels containing books). Middle Sis was just a bit sulky at times. Being the youngest I was, according to the other two, spoiled rotten. As any youngest child will tell you, that simply isn’t the case. We younger children have to learn fast to keep up with the rest, we have fewer photos taken of our ‘firsts’ and grow up in hand-me-downs. We are expected to behave as well as the older ones and put up with their taunts.

I grew up in a four storey Georgian terrace in Bath (house in a terrace that is -sounds very grand but we had a leaky roof). The ground floor had the hallway, a bedroom and the sitting room (sometimes known as ‘the lounge’) upstairs was the bathroom, a loo and two bedrooms. Lower ground floor had the kitchen, the dining room (grand name for the room with the dining table in it and the telly) and a scarey loo in the cellar type area under the pavement. In the basement was a utility room and a long, narrow garden (being on a hill, two floors at front and four at back). Anyone who has ever lived in a house built on a steep hill will know what I mean, otherwise it must all sound very strange.

When we moved in I think I was about two. I remember playing in the upstairs bedrooms with Big Sis and Middle Sis, they put a chair next to my cot so that I could climb in and out of it. When we were called downstairs for something to eat, Big Sis removed the chair and left me inside the cot – stranded! I know she will probably deny this – BUT I WAS THERE.

On another occasion we were downstairs in the ‘dining rooom’ watching telly. I needed the loo and didn’t like using the scarey one downstairs under the pavement, however I was also too scared to go all the way to the top floor ALONE to use the nice safe loo. I asked my loving Big Sis to accompany me. She agreed, being a loving, caring kind of girl. The upstairs loo was a narrow room, just wide enough to fit the lav. The window was small too, small and very high up. As I sat with MY BACK to the DARK, CURTAIN-LESS window, my loving, caring elder sister looked up at the window behind me with staring eyes… ‘what?’ I cried. ‘It’s a burglar,’ she whispered. I was off the lav and down the stairs almost before she had taken a breath to add to her story. I had no idea what a burglar was exactly, but I thought they must have really sharp talons and fly really well to be able to get up to that window.

She has made up for these heinous crimes on countless occasions – the most indulgent being the SHOES (tell you another time). Both sisters fill the role of mother – since we are orphans now – best of both worlds as each sister panders to different aspects. When I come to think of it, perhaps I play their mother sometimes too.

All in all not a bad trio if a bit odd.

So why the picture of a beautiful curly haired boy in a hippy cardi? Several reasons…

  • Big Sis made the cardi from scraps during a weekend stay at her house. She crocheted away whilst we chatted, drank tea and made the obligatory spag bol. No pattern, no measurments, just the flick and twist of yarn round the hook and the occasional holding up to small boy to see how much more needed doing – she insted on keeping it to finish off the edging and sent it on, completed, within a few days – anyone who knows Big Sis will know how impressed I was when it arrived as she (being a typical bloody Gemini) does have a tendancy to get sidetracked if something else tickles her fancy.
  • small curly haired boy is the youngest in our family and bears all that the youngest must bear in order to grow, although being eight years junior to the next sibling he does display some of the only child tendencies too.
  • small curly haired boy is afraid of dark and ghosts and spooky stuff. I have no doubt he would have a deep fear of burglars too.