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The holidays…

And so I find myself on Day 1 of The Holidays. Eight weeks stretch before me. A tatty, untidy, rather grubby house surrounds me. An unpublished novel and unanswered mail wink at me from a pile on what we laughingly call ‘the dining room table’.

I was woken by a solitary magpie doing sentry duty across the skylight at gods know what time (watch strap broken, not wearing watch, must get new strap). In the street I can hear the deafening tinkle of glass being hurled into the bin truck by the recycling men (quick, put bin and glass box out before they get to us).

The phone rings, it is school: can Tall Boy and Lovely J please return their text books today or tomorrow or their results will not be released (don’t be ridiculous! They can’t NOT give results because a few text books are due – YAWN – school never changes, empty threats about nonsense whilst the bullies and cheats go unchallenged).

There is a strange odour coming from under the floorboards, reminiscent of last year when the soil pipe cracked and leaked under us. Please let it not be the same again!

The blue Ikea bags full of ‘to do/to sort’ seem to have multiplied. Tall Boy appears in boxers, his head banging into the paper-sphere light shade (which I keep promising I will change to spare him the indignity of it falling onto his head every time he passes and knocks it) – ‘anything for breakfast?’

Eight weeks? I can get it ALL done in eight weeks can’t I? Get novel published, finish second one, tidy house, paint house, get first year accounts sorted and tax done, MOT car, swap it for bigger one, go on Arvon course, go to Wales for ‘holiday’, keep on top of allotment, rebuild rabbit hutch, phew!
Happy Holidays.




A workshop exploring hideaways and habitats.

I found an Ap

Well look what I found… an Ap. No excuse not to blog now. July well under way and I only just feel like I’m coming out of winter. Since my phone is rarely far from me I’m hoping that I manage to blog from here. I miss the discipline of writing every day, but since Christmas the poor old laptop hasn’t really had a look in.
Since I last blogged, what have I been doing?
I’ve been working with Mouthy Poets, a group of extremely talented wordsmiths who have been brought together by Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson, who I first met in 2009 when we worked together on Lyric Lounge Leicester.
I’ve been sending out ‘Korakas’ – still no news on that.
I’ve been battling with squirrels in the loft, broken relationship, new relationship, Tall Boy doing GCSEs, Lovely J doing A levels, Small Boy loathing Big Write at school, work, laundry, finances, the usual stuff.
Once I’ve worked out how to add links using this Ap, I will blog properly, but until then, at least I’m blogging.