Bookshops, windy beach fronts and Easter holidays

I’m nearing the end of the Easter break now and have just emptied my mobile pone pics onto the laptop. Due to the fact it was full to the brim the pics I took of our Easter break aren’t there – so instead I have posted Curly boy’s first attempt at acrylic on canvas. Not bad, I thought.

We took a few days out and drove to Dorset, Lyme Regis. We stayed in a bookshop called the Sanctuary Bookshop and had a great time. The weather was awful, with the odd break of sunshine to keep us hoping, we did a fossil walk and even found fossils. Best thing though was the bookshop B&B.

We had a lovely room, with a tiny box room for Curly Boy and our own bathroom, use of the kitchen and a lovely sitting room. There were books absolutely everywhere and after hours guests of the B&B are allowed to roam through the place at their leisure. Our Curly Boy will rarely go upstairs alone at home, but in the book shop he was happy to go all the way down to the basement whilst we sat upstairs in the B&B. He felt at home, he said, because it was messy like our house. I have to say I wish our house was as tidy! The place is full of bits and bobs and throws and chairs and books and felt very much a home – and because the owners have their own house a street or so away it felt like it was ours for the two days we were there. There was another guest staying too but we got on very well and had dinner out on our second night and then came back to ‘our place’ for a bottle of wine and chat.

Tall Boy and Lovely J had been staying with their father over the border in Devon and met up with us on the Tuesday. We managed to get them a room in a backpackers B&B a little further up the hill, but because of the size of ‘our’ place they could sit in the evening with us and join us for breakfast. It felt like a real break from routine, only slightly marred by a white van side swiping the car whilst it was parked in the carpark on our last day and the owner then denying any responsibility for it, then a local lady being very snooty about it. ‘Why is it?’ Lovely J asked, ‘that people who live in places like this think they are better than the people who visit?’ Why indeed! I have no idea – but it does seem to be the case in certain seaside towns.


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